Monday, June 23, 2008

This Is Our Farmers' Market...

...the Midtown Farmers' Market, upon the summer solstice, 2008.

A bread's-eye view of the Real Bread stand:

Super Farmer Girl Julie Pflaum, a mainstay of the market:

This is Bob's ear as he writes out the creperie sign. The market opens at 8:00, and Mala's line forms at five 'til.

The spring and early summer have been cool. Good for bakers, lettuce, peas, radishes, and the like. The tomatoes and peppers will welcome warmer weather.

These lovely lettuces are from our organic grower, Jackie Kujak of Sylvan Hills Farm near Menomonie, Wisconsin.

These are the hands of Mala, turning market produce into the makings of some truly amazing crepes. You shouldn't be able to get food this good in a parking lot.

This is some more of Julie's beautiful produce:

This is what Mary and I do Thursday night, all day Friday, and from very early Saturday till we leave for the market.

The Solar Oven Society visited.

Susan brought her beautiful Burgundian basket.

The Fireroast Mountain-eers, who keep us in beverages, tasty treats, and good spirits--Lisa and Dave:

This International Man of Mystery visited our booth (that handsome lad is Theo, the son of Super Market Supporters Hillary and Andy).

Another bread shot:

And one more. (Can I help it if I find bread particularly attractive?)

See you at the market~

Brett & Mary

Text and photos copyright 2008 by Brett Laidlaw

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Paul said...

The Fireroast couple (I don't know their names after all these years) are without a doubt the smiliest, happiest people at the market; your pictures capture this very well. I don't see any pictures of you and Mary marketeering... you know, you ARE a mainstay of the market. The bread can't do all the talking.