Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trout Caviar Book Club: Annabel's Choice

You can't say this isn't a gastronomical family, when even the dogs have their noses stuck into cookbooks! These are completely unstaged photographs, folks, I swear. Annabel's head is actually stuck between the pages of the book. She started out as below, then rolled over:

Best we could tell, she was interested in a recipe for oeufs en meurette, poached eggs in red wine sauce (I always put some of our home-smoked bacon in; a great winter dish).

Text and photos copyright 2009 by Brett Laidlaw


Finspot said...

Yeah yeah. Show us some pics of Annabel whipping up a Bifteck avec Pommes Frites and we'll know fer sure she's been doing her homework... And how about a glass of cab with that Annie?

mdmnm said...

I'm sure she'd insist on including bacon!

Trout Caviar said...

Gentlemen: Annabel has taken the aristocratic approach of retaining others to prepare her food for her, so her interest in cookery books is purely academic (or, looking more closely at the evidence, nap-related). The kitchen is more or less a foraging grounds for the dogs. They even sneak in at any chance during our market baking and snarfle up spilled flour off the flour, emerging with clear evidence of their transgressions in the form of white mustaches of flour-glue that the milk ad celebrities would envy.

And of course they have a keen interest in charcuterie. They do occasionally get a little snack of bacon rind, but not too much, because I like it too!