Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Breakfast Club

Wasn't Ally Sheedy the cutest thing in that movie? Just sayin'....

After that little trip down Memory Lane, you probably wouldn't mind a bite to eat. If you have an apple around, and some good bread and good yogurt (just look back one post) and real maple syrup, this is a treat and a snap to make.

Apple-Maple-Yogurt Toast

Core and peel a smallish apple per person, and cut into eighths. Put a little butter in a skillet and brown the apple over medium-high heat. Toast a slice of bread (I had two rounds from a smallish batard). Butter said bread. Top with apples, yogurt and real maple syrup to taste. Eat while making yummy noises (you won't be able to help yourself).

With brioche or maybe a slice of toasted pound cake in place of the bread, you've got dessert. I would eat that.

The "locavore" tally:

Homemade bread
Apples from our land in Wisconsin
Homemade yogurt from Cedar Summit Farm organic whole milk
Wisconsin maple syrup, a homemade product from a friend of my friend Mike N. (aka "The Northman") over near Appleton
Hope Creamery butter, Hope, Minnesota

I'm actually only going to give this an A-, because the flours in the bread were from North Dakota Mills, and I could have used Minnesota flours; I was trying out a "nearly-no-knead" recipe and wanted to use readily available flour. Nothing wrong with that flour, we use it all the time, but it could have been a wee tad more local. Gotta walk the talk on this stuff....

Text and photos copyright 2009 by Brett Laidlaw

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