Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Solstice from Bide-A-Wee

Light a candle, stay warm, eat good.

Welcome, winter. Happy solstice, all.

Brett, Mary, Annabel, and Lily


LC said...

Beautiful shots. Looks very cozy in there. Happy WInter Solstice to you all!

Trout Caviar said...

Thanks, Lang. Spacious our Bide-A-Wee is not, esp. when occupied by two people and two dogs! But we've got all kinds of cozy.

Happy holidays to you, and all the best in the New Year~ Brett

Wendy Berrell said...

What a cool place. Like to be somewhere like that right now.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Days getting longer now and we're edging toward trout.


PS: what would you do with four boxes of organic semolina pasta baby food? Figure if anyone's got an idea, it's you.

Trout Caviar said...

Hi Wendy: I'd like to be there now, too! The snowstorm kept us in town over Christmas. The chickadees will have a thing or two to tell us about the empty feeder when we get back out there this week.

Re organic pasta baby food: ...? I'm stumped. Is it actually pasta, like identifiable strands of spaghetti, pieces of penne, etc., and precooked, I assume? Off the top of my head, if you really wanted to find a way to use it (other than feeding it to a baby, of course...), I'd say maybe you could use a bit of it to thicken a soup or stew, or work some into a bread dough? Now I am sort of intrigued by this challenge. Let me know what you try, and/or give me a little more info about the product, and I'll see what I can come up with.

Post-solstice, days, yes, the return of the light, ever so slowly. But I won't be hitting the streams for a while. I will look for your reports over at F&TinMN.

Happy New Year~ Brett

ESP said...

Hi Brett.

What great Christmas pictures!
It is just how I imagined Bide-A-wee to be! Really great to see pictures of it from the outside.

I have really enjoyed your blog over the last year, I think it has been a year. I look forward to more mouth-watering tales in the New Year.

From us all here in the East Side Patch...have a Happy New Year!

Trout Caviar said...

Thanks, ESP. The very best in the coming year to you, as well. And happy gardening in that amazing "patch" of yours. Cheers~ Brett

Wendy Berrell said...

The semolina is in little pellet form. Size of BBs. We've got 4-5 boxes, and our kids are well past babyfood. Thickening a soup is a good idea - might try that.

Trout Caviar said...

Wendy: "Semolina pellets" sounds rather like couscous. Could you treat it as such? I'm still unclear whether it's raw or cooked. Maybe you should post some pictures of the stuff on F&TinMN and run a contest for most creative recipe. Cheers~ Brett

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