Friday, January 22, 2010

Bonus Post for Bunny Lovers

La Cuisine de Bretagne et d'Armorique, Clémentine Thibault (Editions Jean-Paul Gisserot)

Page 85:

Page 83:

Note that this book was purchased for 35 francs!

File under: "The French will be French."


Sylvie said...

Hey, that's nothing, I've got French cookbooks with recipes which contains such ingredients as "un poulet bien frais", and the recipe first step is "D'abord tuer le poulet. Reserver le sang" and later we do something with that "sang". Darn good tasting recipes too....

Trout Caviar said...

Oh, come on, Sylvie, that ain't "nothing"! Though I do like a poultry recipe that starts by telling you to kill a chicken and reserve the blood. I want to figure out how to deal with rabbit blood--it's the only way to make a proper "civet de lapin." See this French site for that recipe and more bunny fun:
(After glancing at your blog, I see you'll have no trouble navigating there!).

Salut~ Brett

Sylvie said...

you are right... it was not nothing. I was teasing. Some.

One of my husband's fondest memory was a trip we took to Normandy around Easter time. In one the villages he was particularly arrested by one of the bakery/pastry shop window: such a cute display of eggs and chicks... along with the choclotae and fabulous breads and petits-fours. He is convinced they weren't fake or toys either, but the real things, taxidermed (is that a word?). I am not convinced. but I'll humor him. you know... The French will be the French

What do you mean "how to deal with the rabbit blood"?

Thank you for the link. So many rabbit recipes. I love rabbit. of course.miam miam miam

Found you blog through a comment you left at fastgrowtheweeds. Looking forward to exploring your writing & photos.

Bien a vous.

Trout Caviar said...

No offense taken, Sylvie, I knew you were teasing...un peu. Re "deal with the blood" I mean don't you have to do something or add something to keep it from clotting and becoming unusable? I recall seeing videos of pig slaughters, and they must stir the blood constantly to stop the natural clotting process. Of course with a rabbit you wouldn't have buckets of blood to contend with.

I have fond memories (and many pictures) of those amazing French seasonal window displays at the boulangeries, traiteurs.... It's been too long since we visited there! What part of France are you from?

Cheers~ Brett

Sylvie said...

add a spoonful of vinegar to the fresh blood - at least that's what my grandmother did. Add the reserved blood only at the end of cooking your civet, whisking well. Or rather get your whisk ready, add a small quantity of your hot sauce to the blood, whisking vigorously. Then add that to the pot.

You can also use raw liver pressed through a sieve instead of the blood. Not as good, but those of us who have to buy our rabbits already dressed make do. Sigh...

I am from Reunion Island. But have spend a few years years on the mainland.