Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here's What We'll Be Up To...

...for a while now. These little darlings, some of our first apples to ripen, are a type of crabapple, we think. We're not sure what any of our inherited apple trees are. We give some of them our own names. Mary dubbed these ones "Snow White," because when they're really ripe they polish up to a deep, deep crimson, almost black. They reminded Mary of the apple that sent Blanche Niege a-snoozin'. Ours have no narcotic effect, except to induce a blissful state with their tart, refreshing, very apple-y flavor. They're beautiful inside, too, the flesh streaked pink and red. We eat them straight up, pickle them (recipe for a great crab-cuke pickle coming next week), cook with them--delicious with duck, pork, woodcock.

There are a couple more trees with larger apples coming ripe now, and we should be able to press some cider next week, which I think is quite early. Since this is just our third year owning the land, we don't have much history to go on.

Also, you foragers out there in Minne'Sconsin might want to take note of the fact that the wild plums are starting to ripen, and getting there quick. Our trees have a nice crop on them this year. If you find one plum tree, you're likely to find a few, as they tend to grow in groves. Don't dawdle if you want to get in on this harvest--I've noticed that once the wild plums become ripe, they don't stay on the tree for long.

Be fruitful, and, um...enjoy yourselves.

Text and photos copyright 2010 by Brett Laidlaw

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