Friday, November 26, 2010


A quiet post-Thanksgiving day of house cleaning, cupboard clearing, no shopping at all--unless you count buying in to the future of some of our favorite non-profit organizations--is that much more enjoyable if it starts with a good breakfast, in this case beautiful local ham, cheese, and egg atop homemade sourdough.

Not that we were ravenous this Black Friday morning, having been fed very well, feted, in fact, at the home of friends on Turkey Day. But by mid-morning we were a bit peckish, so I sliced that sturdy loaf (made with flour from Whole Grain Milling and Natural Way Mills) toasted a couple slices and spread them with Hope Creamery butter, then a shmear of mustard our friend Mala (the crepe diva of Midtown Farmers Market) made, and atop that some fried Grass Run Farm ham, and then an over-easy egg from Blue Gentian Farm, out towards Bide-A-Wee, and then...phew, we're getting there...some grated Roth Kase gruyère. And ran it under the broiler.

I hope this doesn't seem like just a lot of name-dropping, but we're thankful this weekend, and throughout the year, for these wonderful local food products, the people who make them, and who make them available to us--our friend Renée Bartz and her family at Bolen Vale Cheese, everyone at the marvelous Seward Co-op, the farmers market vendors, and many more.

We wish you peace, love, and sanity throughout the mad-cap holiday season ahead, and, of course, many happy repasts with family and friends. Thanks for being friends of Trout Caviar. We truly appreciate it.

Brett, Mary, Annabel & Lily
Saint Paul, Minnesota & Bide-A-Wee Station, Wisconsin


Oh, and any breakfast that includes pickles is good by me. I made the pickles, little cornichons from our own garden cukes in our own apple cider vinegar.


Sylvie in Rappahannock said...

I am the one who's thankful for you writing Trout Caviar!!!! Always a treat to read.
(and great looking Croque Madames!)

el said...

Always making me HUNGRY! I don't think that's name-dropping so much as you're sharing your resourcefulness with the locals; not a bad thing for those small-ish businesses themselves.

Glad to hear your holiday was eminently edible...enjoy the rest of it!


Trout Caviar said...

Thanks, Sylvie. I always enjoy the reports from the Rappahannock, as well. Hope you had a fine Thanksgiving. I would love to hear about what was on your table.

Very best~ Brett

Trout Caviar said...

But I don't worry at all about making you hungry, El, for I know there's always something close at hand to satisfy the craving!

I'm always happy to give a shout-out to our local food heroes. Really, they're who this endeavor is all about.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We give thanks for "Fast Grow the Weeds" regularly.


Sylvie in Rappahannock said...

Brett - this was the first time in years that I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner. We so often have been guests! So you can imagine that the dinner incorporated some French touches - not a whole turkey but a turkey roulade (stuffed with cranberries, onions and herbs), and the more unusual veggies were cardoon & Swiss chard. Homemade boules. Pumpkin into the soup not into dessert. And chestnuts - that used to be part of the American diet & landscape before the blight...