Friday, October 14, 2011

Radio Day

Imma be on the radio this afternoon, 3:00 to 4:00, talking with Jean Feraca on the Here on Earth show's "Food Friday," on Wisconsin Public Radio: .  I'm going to try to retain some semblance of calm, but in reality I'm absolutely giddy about this opportunity.  I'm kind of a WPR groupie, and Here on Earth is my favorite WPR show (though I enjoy the whole weekday line-up--Joy Cardin, Kathleen Dunn, Veronica Rueckert*, and Larry Meiller). 

It's a call-in show, and I'd really love to hear from Trout Caviar readers if you're out there listening.  You can hear it on the Ideas Network of Wisconsin Public Radio, or stream it live from their website (I'm certain that most of you are much more clever about this sort of thing than I am; there's a "Listen" tab just above the blurb about me and my idyllic childhood).  If you'd care to listen to the show later, it will be archived promptly after airing.

Okay.  Wish me luck.


* One of Veronica Rueckert's interviews led to this lively Trout Caviar discussion a while back, about where food and cooking fit (or don't fit) in the realm of the aesthetic:


Anonymous said...

I am listening to you right now!!

Katie said...

I listened to you on an online repeat of Jean Feraca's show--I often listen to her this way since I'm at work when she airs. I had never heard of your book before, but am intrigued and hoping eventually to buy a copy. In the meantime, I have two suggestions for you. I usually like to use the "Look Inside" option when I'm considering buying a book; can you add that? For people like me who have to be frugal, looking inside will help me connect with your book and want to buy it.

Second, I tried to subscribe to your blog but there's no simple option to simply plug in my email address and receive your posts via email. I have Yahoo mail, so I clicked on the "Posts" option and then clicked "MyYahoo," but I don't think that's going to send your posts to my email. I suggest you add a simple RSS feed or other option that will show up on your blog and be an obvious way for us would-be users to subscribe. :) Now that your book is out and you're on the radio, it's a good time to do these upgrades and snag the interest of newbies!

Happy eating,

Trout Caviar said...

Hi Katie: Thanks for the suggestions. Tweaking the Amazon page is way outside my personal realm, but I'll ask my publisher about it. As for the other, making subscribing easier--well, I'm embarrassed to admit that I know precious little about how that works, either, but I can check with some clever (young) friends about that, too, and see what I can do.

Best~ Brett

Charles Leck said...

Brett, I'm thrilled with my new cookbook. Thanks for getting it to me and thanks for signing it. I want to give 3 copies away as Christmas gifts this year, but I, of course, what you to sign them and inscribe them to 3 of my kids. How can we do this?
Charlie Leck

Trout Caviar said...

Hi Charlie: I'm so glad you're enjoying the book! It was great to see Anne at the market. I've sent a note to her email re getting the other copies to you--should be simple if she's going to be at the market this Saturday, and if not, then we'll talk re a plan B.

All best~ Brett