Thursday, December 16, 2010

Real Time Pork Spareribs and Mom's Hot Red Cabbage

I'm putting together meals for a Bide-A-Wee weekend, and the thought occured to me to do a sort of "real time blogging" experiment. I already made up some oxtails earlier in the week, and now I'm working on braised pork spareribs which I'll serve alongside my mom's red cabbage and apple dish (given just a mild Trout Caviar treatment). The idea is to have meals made ahead that can just warm and finish atop the woodstove. I'll post each step of this process within ten minutes of its completion.

I don't have a recipe for the ribs, but recipes are highly overrated, I think (said the author of a cookbook-in-progress, oh dear...). I've got great ingredients and a nearly foolproof method, browning, then braising. It starts with Big Blue, our Le Creuset dutch oven:

And a couple of pounds of Hilltop Pastures Family Farm spareribs. Pasture-raised, wonderful pork. Salt, then brown in a bit of oil.

Okay. I'll be back shortly.

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